The Titan Group employs more than 65 years of hands-on hospitality industry experience to elevate your property to achieve its true potential.


Titan proactively works with management to develop and implement short term, intermediate and long term strategies to improve the value of the asset.

We identify and communicate value enhancement opportunities including:

  • Optimizing net income
  • Maximizing top line revenue
  • Improving margins
  • Cost analysis and management
  • Capital improvements
  • Sales, marketing and revenue management strategies

We work with your team to develop and implement strategies because we've done it ourselves over our 65+ years of experience

“Positioning” and “Branding” are two hot topics in the world of hospitality marketing.  However, not everyone clearly understands the differences between these two areas of expertise, nor the importance of precise strategy for each.  Titan leverages its own experience with industry experts in these fields to ensure that the team assembled is most qualified to execute ownership’s vision and maximize the visibility and awareness of its clients’ assets.

The devil is in the detail

Titan has launched and opened upscale and luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world.  In these experiences, "the devil is in the detail," as they say, and Titan has lived and breathed those details in leading its clients to open highly-successful branded and independent operations in urban and resort markets everywhere.  From project management services to asset programming to pre-opening strategic planning, Titan has done it all and knows how to navigate the perils of pre-opening.

It's difficult to understand if you're not listening . . .

Some of it is science, some of it is experience, but all of it is about understanding.  Understanding systems, understanding competition, and understanding customer behavior.  Titan uses every bit of intelligence available, relentlessly listens to what those on the front lines are saying, then rolls all of this into specific plans & actions for its client properties to enact, in markets strong or weak. 

Success in food & beverage is all about experience and giving the customer what they want.

Titan brings to bear the power of its experience in opening world-renowned restaurants, owning its own award-winning specialty café, and advising on the launch and operation of internationally-acclaimed celebrity chef dining establishments to ensure that our clients' food & beverage operations are of the highest quality, offer concepts that are relevant to their marketplaces, and, above all, are profitable.


What gets measured gets done.

Titan has a wealth of experience in the detail behind what it takes to get the most out of its clients’ Sales function.  We have decades of experience, understand the dynamics and nuances necessary to make a good team a great one, and we know no better way than to base all evaluations upon actualized results.

The concepts of Marketing and Advertising have changed globally, and Titan has worked hard to stay ahead of changes taking place.  Traditional advertising, social media, and digital marketing all have a place in today’s hospitality world, but how, when, and how much of each will make the difference in your asset’s performance.  Titan understands these dynamics and uses this knowledge to ensure that its clients’ marketing strategies and expenditures are tightly focused and completely measurable.

Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy.jpg

‘How we work’ matters as much as ‘what we do’

The importance of injecting a culture of Hospitality into the workplace is for real. Titan’s work for some of the world’s largest and most successful financial services companies in developing a true Hospitality Workplace is groundbreaking yet still evolving


The Titan Group is unlike any other hospitality consulting firm, period.


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Without focus, nothing gets done.  Titan’s decades of hands-on experience DOING the things that we advise our clients about uniquely qualifies us to focus on the opportunities at hand.  This focus leads to creation of targeted and measurable strategies, and tactics to implement these strategies.  In the end, “what gets measured gets done,” and nothing gets measured without focus.


SW_Jeri Johnson.jpg


There’s “strategy” and there’s “brainstorming.”  Sometimes the line between these two concepts can become blurred.  Titan recognizes the value in constantly searching out new ideas, but what sets Titan apart from its competitors is its ability to prioritize these ideas, and to sift through them so that our clients benefit from those strategies which are most relevant to their most pressing opportunities and challenges.  We’re creative, we “think outside of the box,” but, most importantly, we deliver strategies that make a material difference to the performance of our clients’ assets.

SW_Fre Sonneveld.jpg


There’s a school of thought that says that innovation requires doing things differently.  At Titan, we beg to differ.  We view “innovation” as the ability to deliver and implement strategies that take overall performance to ‘newly introduced’ levels of success.  For us, “innovation” is about delivering all the pieces necessary for our clients’ assets to break new ground in terms of their overall success.

SW_Will Milne.jpg


Often less glamorous but arguably most important is the ability of your advisory partner to understand the mechanics of how results are obtained.  Titan’s vast experience at all levels of the upscale and luxury hospitality world uniquely qualify it to know just exactly how to make even the most far-fetched strategies and concepts translate into executable action plans.  No one has “done it all,” but Titan possesses the diversity of background and flexibility of thought-process to be able to provide a literal “tool-kit” to bring agreed-upon strategies to life.

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At Titan, we are immensely proud of the fact that, unlike other ‘hospitality advisors,’ we have over 6 decades of hands-on experience building and implementing strategies that bring about measurable results.  A challenge for any business is to maintain perspective when attacking challenges and opportunities; at Titan, we draw from our experience, we apply that experience to the issues at hand, and we challenge convention to ensure that our strategies remain absolutely current and relevant.

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ROI is a term that is over-used and under-understood in the hospitality industry.  For Titan, nothing can happen without a truly measurable Return On Investment.  Intelligent people can come up with great ideas on a regular basis; unless the execution of these ideas can be proven to provide measurable results, their value will always be in doubt.  At Titan, improving the performance of our clients’ assets isn’t just a phrase, it’s our livelihood.  Results matter . . .